FAQ - Secret Space Encryptor

How can I migrate my data to a new device?

Password Vault:
- The password vault has an export/import function (you can choose between a compressed, fully-encrypted .pwv file format and an unencrypted, editable .xml format).
- For Android 5.0 and higher - standard (system provided) backup/restore features can also be used.

Manual Transfer:
1. Export the vault to a pwv file (use the "more" button in the password vault application) - It will appear in the application's import/export directory (default : /sdcard/SSE/)
2. Copy the file to the import/export directory on your new device
3. Import the file (start Password Vault → cancel password dialog → tap Help me get in! → choose Import Vault → choose the file you want to import)
Note: You can check/change the current import/export directory in the application's settings - (Settings → Common Settings: Import/Export Path)

Text + File Encryptor:
These applications work with files, so you can backup/transfer it as any other file. The text encryptor's default directory is /sdcard/SSE/Texts/, The file encryptor saves a new archive into the same directory where the original (unencrypted) file is located (this is done by default). The destination can be changed in Settings → File Encryptor: Encrypted Files Destination).

PRO version license: Can I reuse my purchased SSE or do I need to buy it again?

The license is lifetime, and can be used for an unlimited number of devices - as the purchase is bound to your Google (Google Play) account. It will work on an unlimited number of devices (provided that you are logged in with the account that you used for the purchase). The application should be activated automatically on the first start; if not, go to Other Utils → Upgrade to Pro Version and tap the Upgrade to Pro Version button. A warning message should appear (something like "you already own this item") and the application will be activated. You can also activate an unlimited number of desktop versions (more). In the event that you experience any problems with this process, don't hesitate to contact us.

I forgot my password. Can you help me?

No, there is no backdoor. It's the purpose of the application. All data are encrypted (mathematically altered) using the password. Without the password you can't reverse the process and "reconstruct" original data. We can't help you. Nobody can. The correct password is the only way.

Why doesn't the application use fingerprints for file/text encryption and password vault access?

All data are fully encrypted (mathematically altered), and there must be an exact encryption key match to perform decryption. Without a 100% correct key you can't reverse the process and "reconstruct" original data. Fingerprints are usually used for authentication - originals are stored somewhere, and compared during an authentication process - but data are only hidden behind the process. There is no reliable way to use fingerprints for encryption (how to generate a decent encryption key from fingerprints) - only a few unreliable experiments have been carried out thus far. Moreover, fingerprints are not secret and cannot be changed. If someone has a copy of your fingerprints (which is quite easy to obtain for anyone who really wants to—since you literally write your password on everything you touch), all of your data (past, present, future) will be an "open book" for him/her/them. S.S.E. will NEVER use biometric data for ENCRYPTION purposes.

Why can't I use other application(s) that work with the same ciphers? For example AES to decrypt files/texts?

It isn't only about an encryption algorithm, there are many other pieces: encryption mode (CBC, CFB, PCBC, OFB, CRT, CWC, EAX, ...), password processing (KDF - Key Derivation Function), integrity check, file archive type, compression etc... Detailed format specifications can be found here.

File Encryptor Specific

My file(s) are still visible after an encryption. The application doesn't work or what I am doing wrong?

SSE File Encryptor works as an archiver (a new .enc file is created). You can delete/wipe the original file(s) after the encryption process is completed or it can be done automatically: Settings: File Encryptor → Wipe Source After Encryption

My images (or videos) have been encrypted/deleted, but I can still see thumbnails in my picture viewer/gallery application. What should I do about it?

There are a number of gallery/picture viewer applications available, so this issue does not have a universal solution. When a picture file is deleted your gallery software still has its own "shrunk" copy of it (thumbnail) and updating this status is up to the gallery software. Thumbnails can be stored (cached) within the gallery software data space (so no other application has permission to access the data).

Android 4.4 and higher: External SD card (or USB drive) is read only (or is not visible). Message: EACCESS (Permission denied).

Android 4.4 does not allow write access to the external SD card to any app except for preinstalled apps (preinstalled by device, or system image manufacturer). We can do absolutely nothing about this issue. The only solution is to root your device and change permissions or upgrade to Android 5+ and use SAF.

Use Google for more info - search for something like: android 4.4 external card read only

☯ Alternatively ☯
Use (create in case it doesn't exist) the following directory (on your external SD card):


These folders belong to the application and the application should have write permissions in these folders.
Note: If you uninstall the application, the content of these folders will be automatically deleted (make a backup before that if needed).

Text Encryptor Specific

The text is decrypted even when I change the algorithm in the application settings. How is that possible?

You can set an ENCRYPTION algorithm (the decryption algorithm is detected automatically - information about the used algorithm is part of the application data format).

The application produces a completely different output (using the same input) whenever I tap the encrypt button. How is that possible?

Two words for Google: cryptographic salt

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