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A - Available Drives

B - Current Volume Parameters

C - Selected File/Folder

D - Encrypted File

E - Encrypt/Decrypt Button

F - Compression ON/OFF

G - Direct to the Main Menu

H - More Button

I - Set Session Password

Multiple File Selection


SAF Mode (Android 5+)


Or it can be used for output operations only (if custom destination folders are activated in app's settings - Settings: File Encryptor → Encrypted/Decrypted Files Destination).
If you set the destination(s) to "Ask", the following dialog will be displayed for all encryption/decryption tasks:

In Android 4.4 (KitKat), Google suddenly cut off all third-party (non-preinstalled) applications from the permission to write to external/removable storage. Thanks to this decision, a lot of applications have been crippled and some have become entirely useless. Pressure on Google has led to a compromise solution that has been integrated into Android 5. Applications can regain the write permission to external storage using a new API together with SAF (Storage Access Framework).

First Start

There are some limitations in the SAF mode you should know.
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