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Password Manager Android

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- The password vault has an export/import function (you can choose between a compressed, fully-encrypted .pwv file format and an unencrypted, editable .xml format).
- An auto backup directory can be set (Settings → Password Vault: Auto Backup Folder). Point it to your cloud service autosync folder to have an on-line copy of your vault available.

Manual Transfer:
1. Export the vault to a pwv file (use the More (B) button) - It will appear in the application's import/export directory (default : /sdcard/SSE/)
2. Copy the file to the import/export directory on your new device
3. Import the file (start Password Vault → cancel password dialog → tap Help me get in! → choose Import Vault → choose the file you want to import)
Note: You can check/change the current import/export directory in the application settings - (Settings → Common Settings: Import/Export Path)

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