Secret Space Encryptor for Android - Changelog File
(home page:
- Improved steganography performance;
- Application's target API level has been raised to 27;
+ version C - FIX: (issue on Android 7+) - File Encryptor: Functions "Open File" and "Send to" always end with message "No apps can perform this action".

- File Encryptor: Updated file encryptor's data format;
 (encryption mode CBC → CTR, new key derivation function based on Argon2id); 
 (more: version 3);
- File Encryptor: SAF mode can be used directly for output operations (if custom destination folders are activated in app's settings - Settings: File Encryptor → Encrypted/Decrypted Files Destination);
- Added native code libraries for arm64-v8a and x86_64 architectures;

- Text Encryptor: Added new final encoding options: Base32 (RFC 4648), Numbers Only (0-9);
- Text Encryptor: File picker option for encrypted texts and steganograms (Android 4.4 or later);
- Text Encryptor: Lock screen function for the text encryptor;
- Application launch protection function - (related settings - Settings: Common Settings → Application Launch Protection);

- Password Vault: Merge feature - (More button → Merge Vaults)
- Text Encryptor: Steganography (concealing a text within an image - JPG) - (More button → ...)
- File Encryptor: Delete encrypted files after decryption (Settings: File Encryptor → Delete .enc File After Decryption)
+ version C - FIX: (issue on Android 2.3 - 4.1) - Password Vault: the cursor in the "Notes" text field cannot be positioned by a click when an active link (URL, email, ...) is present

- Password Vault: Passwords can be used directly in the Text/File Encryptor (Text/File Encryptor can be opened from the "item detail screen").
- Password Vault: The password is not a mandatory attribute - the vault can be used for notes easily.
- Password Vault: New category icons.
- Text Encryptor: Fullscreen button.
- File Encryptor: Support of "Share" (SEND and SEND_MULTIPLE (if a multiple file selection feature is enabled)) actions from other applications for all file types.
- Password Generator: Custom character set feature.
+ A web-based Text Encryptor (client-side AES) is newly available on:

- File Encryptor: Changes in the data format (a new key derivation function based on scrypt).
  (more: version 2)
- Pro Version: SHACAL-2 512bit algorithm added

- Password Vault: Changes in the internal data format + in the pwv file format 
  (encryption mode CBC → EAX, compression DEFLATE → LZMA, new key derivation function based on scrypt). 
  (more: version 2)
- Password Vault: Auto backup feature.
- Text Encryptor: Changes in the data format 
  (encryption mode CBC → EAX, new key derivation function based on scrypt). 
  (more: version 2)
- File Encryptor: Image thumbnails.
+ version C - FIX: issue on Android 5.0+ - File Encryptor: "application has stopped" issue in case of specific file name/file path configurations using SAF mode

- File Encryptor: Custom destinations for Encrypted/Decrypted files.
- File Encryptor + Password Vault: Quick scroll feature.
- Password Vault: Password Detail Screen - URLs placed in the "Notes" field are clickable now.
- Text Encryptor: Font size can be changed.

- Text Encryptor: New feature - Load/Save encrypted text to a file
- Pro Version - File Encryptor: Multiple File Selection (batch processing)

- Password Vault (item detail screen - Notes): New feature Copy to Clipboard (All/Chosen Paragraph) + some UI changes
- Pro Version: Threefish 1024bit algorithm added

- version C - FIX: issue on Android 5.0 - File Encryptor/List Button - "application has stopped" issue when external SD card is not present
- Android 5 - SAF (Storage Access Framework) for external/removable storage
- some UI changes (mainly in File Encryptor)

- Encryption libraries update + some UI changes 
+ Text Encryption for iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPod) and for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...) are newly available

- Text Encryptor: New button "Send text to chosen application"
- Reported issues fixes

- File Encryptor – "Session (Master) Password" feature added
- File Encryptor – "Home/Default Directory" feature added
- Text Encryptor – "Clean Text Areas" feature added
- Some minor improvements

- Native Code MIPS processors support.
- Some minor improvements.

- Password Vault - Extended Import/Export function (unencrypted XML file).
- File Encryptor - Added "Send to" feature (for files).
- Some other improvements.

- File Encryptor – Preserve original file's "last modified time".
- File Encryptor – ENC file association feature added.
- Some other improvements.
+ Cross-Platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...) GUI Version of the File Encryptor is now available on the application home page (download section).

- All algorithms are available in Native Code (ARM, x86).

- File Encryptor – Enhanced file integrity check.
- Some "cosmetic" changes.
+ Cross Platform (Java) Command Line Version of the File Encryptor is now available on the application home page (download section).

- All algorithms except Serpent are available in Native Code (ARM, x86).
- Some changes in the user interface.

- AES and RC6 algorithms in Native Code (ARM, x86) added. File END/DEC procedures should be significantly faster with compatible devices.
- Password Vault - Optional feature "Screen Lock" added. It can be enabled in the app Settings → Password Vault section → Lock Screen
- File Encryptor – Compression ON/OFF option added.

- New algorithms added - Blowfish 448bit, Twofish 256bit, GOST 256bit
- New application category "Other Utils"
- Some changes in the user interface

- Password Vault/Password Detail Screen - new feature "Password Generator" (icon next to the password field in new/edit mode)
- File Encryptor - Open File directly from the File Encryptor (long press on a file - Open File)

- File Encryptor - Compression algorithm (archive type) upgraded to Zip64
- File Encryptor - single pass decryption process
- minor fixes

- improved compatibility with some of new devices

- Allow Unicode Passwords - whole Unicode charset can be used for Passwords 
 (related setting - Application Settings: Common/Allow Unicode Passwords)
- File Encryptor - Delete with Wiping: select a File/Folder, press the Menu Button and choose Wipe 
 (related setting - Application Settings: File Encryptor/Wipe Source After Encryption)
- minor aesthetic changes(Password Vault/Folder List - more thematic icons, ...)
- "System Log Features" option has been removed

- FIX: application crash on startup (on some devices without external storage)
- Password Vault/Folder List - Bottom Menu is hidden by default (press "Menu Button" to Show/Hide the Bottom Menu)
- some minor fixes and aesthetic changes

- Password Vault/Folder List - new feature "Enforce Order" (enforce absolute positioning in the default alphabetical order)
- Password Vault/Folder List - more folder icons
- Password Vault/Password Item Detail - new feature "Move to Folder" (move item from the current folder to another)
- retested on Android 4.0

- new custom parameter 'Password List Font Size' (Settings - Password Vault)
- "graphical compatibility improvement fix" for some devices (mainly "high density" and Android 3.x devices)
- minor changes in the build-in Quick Help